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When first opened in 1979, Ryan’s Daughter announced herself as a “New Pub on an Old Spot”. There had been a bar at 350 East 85th Street since the Prohibition Era. During that time, it operated not so much as a speakeasy or gin-joint, but a local club. Official licensing came in the late 1930’s, as the “Old Stream.” This German-owned watering hole catered to the residents of Yorkville until the mid-1970’s. Then, in 1974, the Irish moved in. The “Old Stream” became the “Minstrel Boy,” founded by an Irish-born, retired NYPD officer.

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About us

Today, almost four decades later, she still stands in the heart of historic Yorkville. Ryan’s Daughter is a proud member of this ever-changing community. All grown up, she has held on to the charms of her younger days and picked up a bit of wisdom. Even a new face will feel at home when given the good service that long-time regulars have come to expect. In this way, Ryan’s Daughter serves as a connection back to the tavern culture of bygone days. Come, join us.

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Private Events

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Ryan’s Daughter proudly operates in the tradition of an old-time neighborhood tavern. With friendly service to all and quality products at reasonable prices, we want to make you feel at home. Great for a night out, it can be even better when you book your own private event in our upstairs bar. Make this space yours and we will help you transform it for whatever you need it to be. Our fully stocked bar is just the beginning.

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350 E 85th St
New York, NY


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12pm - 4am
Saturday, Sunday 11am - 4am