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Unofficial Upper East Side EdFest

Feb 24 -25

Why go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – when we are bringing it right to New York City?

Yes, welcome to the “Unofficial Upper East Side EdFest” bringing you the best of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe right here in NYC.

Featuring award-winning shows by Walter Michael DeForest, Peter Michael Marino, Katie Kopajtic, Chris Davis, Amanda Miller, Adam Blotner, Paul Valenti, Christine Holt, Harmon Leon and more; all in the comfy, intimate setting of the historical Ryan’s Daughter with a full bar.

Produced by Peter Michael Marino, Harmon Leon, and Walter Michael DeForest.

All Shows: $10. Festival Pass: $35



3:00 p.m. Paul Valenti’s “The Long Miserable Journey to Happiness”

Put yourself in Paul’s possibly capable hands, while he clowns, cajoles, charms, flips, falls and flops his way to discovering what exactly (if anything) makes us truly happy.


4:30 p.m. Chris Davis’ “Drunk Lion”

Follow a lion who spends his days drinking, until he meets Chris, a young foreigner learning how to speak Spanish. The unlikely pair forge an intoxicated bond over life, love, and alcohol.


6:30 p.m. Adam & Jenny’s “Pop Filter”

The music you love to hate and hate to love! Adam Blotner & Jenny Pinzari satirize pop music past and present with original songs and characters. ‘Side-splitting musical satire…well-written, insanely catchy tunes & hilarious characters.’ **** (FringeBiscuit)


8:00 p.m. All-star reading of Peter Michael Marino’s “Desperately Seeking the Exit”

The critically acclaimed true story of the making and unmaking of the West End-Blondie musical “Desperately Seeking Susan” gets a new twist as Pete’s tale is joined by David Carl, Coco Cohn, Carl Andress, Chris Harcum, Kevin R. Free, and Frank Vlastnik.


10:00 p.m. “Harmon Leon’s Big Fat Racist Show”

Comedian and VICE contributor, Harmon has made a career out of infiltrating extremist groups. Take his hand as he leads you on a journey undercover with the heinous Westboro Baptist Church, at racist assault weapon gatherings in Kentucky, and with white supremacists that try to recruit him at Applebee’s. Plus songs!


11:30 p.m. Free at Last TV presents “Sister Mary’s Playtime”

Join Sister Mary McArthur and her special guests as she battles the blues with her unique comedy and variety. No pulpit. No psalms. No prayers. She’s not that kind of nun! She’s the songs, show business, and show-tunes kind, with some games and guests for a lull-busting lunchtime lunge.



1:00 p.m. Walter Michael DeForest’s “Van Gogh Brunch Yourself”

Based upon the letters of Vincent and Theo and the Memoirs of Vincent’s stay in Auvers-sur-Oise by Adeline Ravoux, DeForest sets the record straight on a true artist’s personal struggle for humanity while creating art with the audience. Food will be provided by Schaller & Webber Catering, along with brunch drink specials.


2:30 p.m. Amanda Miller’s “How to Suffer Better”

Who’s suffering best? The alcoholic, homeless man, an elderly widow, mute maid, clown, or angry teenage boy? You decide. **** ‘Ludicrous comic talent’ (Arts Fringes)


4:00 p.m. Christine Holt’s “Domesticated”

In a world of boozy nights, dark alleys and a #metoo uprising, Mittens- the city kitty- has gone rogue. Intertwine in 9 lives is the secret life. Every cat has one. Domesticated is a show about private thoughts and private parts with rebellious acts of vaudeville.


5:30 p.m. Katie Kopajtic’s “Confessions of a Personal Trainer”

Katie is a luxury personal trainer in NYC. She’s thrilled to be working with you on her journey to wellness!


7:00 p.m. Anders Lee’s “Dummy” (EdFringe preview)

Diagnosed at a young age with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Midwestern American comedian Anders Lee Lee dives headfirst into questions of disability, education and what it means, in our hypercapitalist, technology-saturated age, to truly be “dumb.”


8:30 p.m. PJ Landers’ “Searching for Pop” (EdFringe preview)

The story of a 29-year old man’s quest to find the father he never knew and the emotional coast to coast journey he goes on that will change his life forever.




Join Melissa and friends in the Upstairs bar for our weekly Trivia Night. Each week features new themes and every week the $50 bar tab is up for grabs!

NYCFC Watch Parties

As an official Pub Partner, Ryan’s Daughter supports “Our Boys in Blue” – New York City Football Club – with away game watch-parties and post home-match celebrations. Every away match, join us upstairs for a great atmosphere as we cheer on the Club in their second season. Post-match celebrations take place after every home game, so take the train back to us from the Stadium and join members of the organization for drink specials. Who knows, you may even raise a pint with a couple players.

Pub Theatre Events


Plays written for and performed in a pub, specifically in our private bar on the second floor. Throughout the year you will want to come to experience theater in this unique setting and imbibe while you watch the works of a wide range of artists. At the end of every summer, our support of this art culminates in the presentation of our “Ryan’s Daughter Appreciation Award,” a cash prize given to a worthy participant in Origin’s annual “1st Irish Theatre Festival.” This festival is dedicated to works by artists from Ireland and Ryan’s Daughter has been a proud sponsor since its inception.